I am so excited and proud to say that thanks to Dr. Guzman and the Team at Pacific Surgical, we are pregnant!

We are over 3 months pregnant and our new precious gift of life is due in November. Our family is so excited to meet him or her! To anyone else who is considering a tubal reversal with Pacific Surgical… Do it! It’s not a decision you’ll ever regret.

Not only was the tubal reversal procedure successful, the quality of customer service and follow up was amazing. Dr. Guzman and the staff were very open and honest about my chances and the challenges that we may encounter. They were very supportive throughout the entire process, and were very quick to answer any questions I or my husband had.

The entire process of booking the initial appointment to the actual reversal procedure was extremely quick, especially in comparison to other doctors. Pacific Surgical Clinic and Dr. Guzman will even book weekend appointments because you’re important to them and they show it!

The staff at Pacific were able to book me in for an appointment in as little as two weeks; and Dr. Guzman was able to hide the tiny 2-3 inch scar overtop of pre-existing scars from old c-sections from my first children, making it virtually invisible!

Dr. Guzman warned me that it could take up to 6 months before my body re-adjusted and healed enough to be more receptive toward becoming pregnant; however, I became pregnant within three months after my tubal reversal surgery! If the sheer success of my pregnancy isn’t enough of a commendation for anyone to use Pacific Surgical for their own tubal reversal procedure; the quality of the care they provide should be. Dr. Guzman and the staff at Pacific would regularly check up with us after the procedure to check on how I and our family were doing and are just as excited as we are! They haven’t stopped checking in with me over our pregnancy just because their part was done.

Pacific Surgical isn’t your average clinic. Dr. Guzman isn’t your average doctor. I firmly believe they’re BETTER than everyone else and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering a Tubal reversal procedure! I have referred them to friends, people in my Tubal Reversal Support Group and I would not hesitate to refer them to you too!

Thank you SO Much to the staff at Pacific Surgical; these newly expectant parents and our family will forever be grateful for the gift of what you made possible!

Francis Greenfield